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Funding and Sustaining Your Program

Very simply stated, funding and sustaining a program could be broken down to four steps:

  1. Determine Program Need(s) (i.e., through a needs assessment, budgeting, etc.)
  2. Determine Sources of Support (i.e., government and foundation grants, partnering/in-kind services, sponsorships, etc.)
  3. Make the Ask (i.e., submit a proposal for funds, technical assistance, staff, etc.)
  4. Evaluate and Report Program Impact (i.e., measure student success, report to funders, etc.)


These steps break down into multiple tasks to thoroughly assess your needs, secure your support, and study the program’s impact to discover future needs.

Below are the latest grant opportunities, as well as highly recommended links to other funding opportunities and sustainability planning tools.

Current Grant Opportunities

Grant opportunities will be posted as they become available.


Funding and Sustainability

The Afterschool Alliance Funding and Sustainability webpage hosts a funding database, expert advice and other tools to thoroughly prepare and carry out your sustainability plan. The Alliance works to ensure that all youth have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs.