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The PSAYDN newsletter TakeTen! is published to provide members and partners with updates on PSAYDN activities, share news from our partners, spotlight promising afterschool/out-of-school youth development programs, and inform readers of best practices and hot topics in the field. Monthly issues are designed to only take ten minutes of your day. Funding for TakeTen! is provided by the Mott Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.    

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Previous TakeTen Issues

June 2012 Summer Learning
May 2012 Advocacy
April 2012 Health, Wellness and Nutrition
March 2012 Arts in Afterschool
February 2012 STEM
January 2012 Family Engagement

December 2011 OST Career and Workforce Programming
October/November 2011 Lights On Afterschool
September 2011 Service Learning
July 2011 Summer Learning and ELL
June 2011 Health and Wellness
Summer 2011 STEM
May 2011
April 2011
February 2011
January 2011

December 2010
November 2010
September/October 2010
July/August 2010 Keeping Kids and OST Providers Engaged and On-track through Summer
June 2010 Encouraging Outdoor Learning, Activities and Projects
May 2010
February/March 2010 Practices and Strategies for Afterschool and Workforce Development
January 2010 Nutrition and Wellness in the Afterschool Hours