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Schwarzenegger Slams President Trump's Plan to Slash Afterschool Funding

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took some shots at the president's proposed federal budget during a national afterschool summit in Los Angeles. The proposed budget would eliminate the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, which offers support to after school and summer programs for students in low-income communities. Cutting it would save $1.2 billion. Schwarzenegger called the crowd of advocates for afterschool programs, "crusaders, warriors and terminators." "We're going to go to Washington," Schwarzenegger said. "We're not going to take this lying down. We're going to talk to the Democrats and the Republicans because this is not a party issue."



2017-20 Cohort 9 RFA

Important Dates
• Letter of intent due: May 4, 2017
• Applications due: May 26, 2017
• Grant period: October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2020

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) grant is a competitive grant that provides federal funding to establish community learning centers that provide academic, artistic and cultural enrichment opportunities for students and their families. These opportunities must occur during non-school hours or periods when school is not in session to help students attending high-poverty and low-performing schools to meet state and local standards in core academic subjects. Centers must also offer students a broad array of activities that can complement their regular academic programs, to offer literacy and other educational services to their families.