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This Is Summer Learning: Encouraging Girls to Be Strong, Smart and Bold

The D.C. affiliate of the national non-profit organization Girls Inc. serves as that emotionally and physically safe space girls need during the summer. Each week, the girls are introduced to new career paths and engage in related hands-on activities with their friends. Elizabeth Pruitt, Ph.D., R.P.A., visited from The Society for American Archaeology. The girls were divided into three groups: working together on a dig, artifact mending and creating artifacts. “There isn’t a single girl out there who isn’t capable. She just needs to be introduced to new ideas,” Denese Lombardi, executive director of Girls Inc. – D.C. affiliate, shares. “Partnerships like the one we have with The Society for American Archaeology are great ways to keep the girls engaged. Bringing someone in who can talk to them about archaeology opens so many doors for them, and they get five days to immerse themselves in each of these programs. At the close of each week, the girls come together in their groups and discover new doors to get really immersed in these new exercises.” Read More